Finland Emojis

Finland was the first country in the world to develop a set of official national emojis.

Finns are not known for talking too much. For them, demonstrating emotions can be a challenge. We created a set of tongue-in-cheek emojis – each communicating a specific Finnish emotion. The emojis featured different emotional aspects of Finland and Finnishness, from “kalsarikänni” (getting drunk alone at home with no intention of going out) to famous Finns like the Nobel Peace Prize winner Martti Ahtisaari.

Finland is not well known abroad in general and especially among young people. How could the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland do its traditional Christmas calendar in a way that people would share, that would generate earned media and create a positive interest in Finland, Finns and Finnishness – and still be true to what we are? Paid media was not an option. Digital was the way to go.

hasan & partners / hasan communications

My Role:
Art Direction

Case Video

Key Board App


Some Of The Emojis

Emoji Unicode

After one year, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, applied for the Unicode Emojis and the Sauna and the Socks were approved and now available.


Media & Press

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